What do you mean when you refer to a “relationship”?  Do you know the differences between a dating relationship, a pre-committed relationship and a committed relationship?

The difference has to do with the nature and structure of the relationship.

The nature and structure of a committed, love relationship is related to the agreements and commitments each partner makes to the relationship…not to each other…to the relationship!  Agreements and commitments are actually behaviors driven by values that serve to support the structure.

There are 5 essential parts of the structure of a committed, long-term, primary, monogamous love relationship.

  1. To tell my personal truth
  2. To act with good will and good intention
  3. To honor and respect my partner’s feelings as if they were my own
  4. To be responsible to co-create the relationship that matches my vision, values and life purpose
  5. To live my passion and bring my authentic self to “you” and to “us”

What agreements and commitments provide the structure for your primary love relationship?

Are you and your partner both clear about what you have agreed and committed to?

That is the next piece: All the agreements and commitments must be bi-lateral; that means that you and your Honey must both make those agreements and commitments in the presence of each other so that you know she did and she knows that you did.

And here is the last piece: All agreements and commitments must be honored no matter what.  It is a breech of trust when you don’t keep your agreements and commitments.  Be sure you are able to honor them before you agree and commit.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


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