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This week I have invited Amy Schoen, MBA, CCPC, to write a blog post.

Coach Amy is a Professional Life Coach and Dating/Relationship Expert, and she focuses on Helping Marriage Minded Singles to Find & Connect with Lasting Love.

Coach Amy and I couldn’t agree more when it comes to building value-driven relationships.

This might surprise you, but values, NOT feelings, drive your choices and behavior. Whatever your thoughts or dreams and whatever actions you take on your own behalf, honor your values and make them real in the world through your behavior (taking action):

  • BE your best and most brilliant and passionate YOU
  • DO that which affirms and esteems YOU
  • HAVE all that BEING and DOING brings into your life

I hope Coach Amy’s article offers you new information, inspiration and hope. Please share this post with anyone you think might be supported or inspired by reading it.

See you next week!

Until then, Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


When Dating for Marriage it’s Values, Values, Values!

Perhaps you have heard that in business it’s all about location, location, location! However, this dating coach believes that for relationships, it’s all about values, values and values! What do I mean about values? Let me explain:

Your values are what you treasure. It’s what you hold dear. When your values are not aligned with someone or something, you will feel discourse and out of sorts. I can’t stress how important it is to have a list with a detailed description of your values so you can adjust your love radar connection in the right direction.

As a dating coach I have observed for many of my clients that their love connection radar is off and they are choosing the inappropriate people to date based upon the wrong criteria. When you adjust your love connection radar through your values, you will make better choices for yourself and you will recognize a good potential mate sooner than later.

So how do your values help you with finding that special person? Let me share with you this dating coach’s 3 Step Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets System:

1.  First CLARIFY WHO would be a good match for you.

Once you have a detailed description list of your values written out, then you have to figure out which ones are your PERSONAL VALUES and which are your RELATIONSHIP VALUES.  Your RELATIONSHIP VALUES need to be aligned with your life partner and your PERSONAL VALUES need to be supported by your partner.

2.  Next FOCUS on WHERE to go to find people who share your core RELATIONSHIP VALUES.

You will be able to figure out where you are going to meet people who share your values? You will find that you will connect with people because you share similar values. For instance, if you have a value around giving back to your community, you may find singles’ volunteer opportunities so you can meet other single people who feel the same desire. Also, it’s important to express your values in your online dating profile so you will attract the right people to your profile! Moreover, you can tell the connectors in your life WHO you are looking for based upon these RELATIONSHIP VALUES so they can easily think about who they know to introduce you to that would be a great match.

3.  Last, your RELATIONSHIP VALUES will SOLIDIFY your CONNECTION to your romantic partner.

By honoring your CORE RELATIONSHIP values, you have the glue that will keep you together during the ups and downs of a relationship. When you share and support one another’s values, you both get one another and find that you have an appreciative, supportive, respectful and caring partner. This will give you the best chance for your future happiness in your romantic love partnership.

By disregarding your RELATIONSHIP VALUES you are missing the one thing that can make dating easier so you can determine who is a good fit, as well as, a way to kindly pass on those who don’t share your core VALUES.

What criteria are you utilizing to evaluate a potential mate for continued dating? This curious dating coach would like to know!

Coach Amy

P.S.  If you would like to learn more about how to utilize your values to find and solidify true love, go to www.TalkwithCoachAmy.com and let’s talk about how we can best uncover your PERSONAL and RELATIONSHIP VALUES in support of your quest to find your Motivated to Marry Mate!


© Coach Amy Schoen, All Rights Reserved.  2014. Printed with author’s permission.


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