Did you know that most of us are naturally predisposed to hear, remember, and tell stories?

And our stories have themes:  family history, births, deaths, education, food and recipes, grandparents, journeys, romance, military (war) stories and many more.

So where does one begin to tell one’s stories or start writing them down?

How does one start to review a long and often multi-faceted life?  What things are important to include?  What events and experiences can be omitted?

The first step…

…is to identify your goal.  Don’t be limited by the themes I just mentioned.  Storytelling is fun, creative, healing, transforming, connecting, and anything else it becomes for you, the storyteller!

Storytelling is the way you can make sense out of events, experiences and relationships, observe how people interacted, or didn’t, and deepen your understanding of who you are and perhaps why you think, or believe or react the way you do.

Storytelling can be a way to provide a presence and guidance to children when a parent is terminally ill and won’t live to see his or her children through the milestones of life.  It is a fun and engaging way to bring back to life, if you will, relatives that have long since died and weave a tapestry of family history that connects children to their heritage.

The second step…

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May 13, 2014

Coupleship is a way to perceive and structure a long-term, primary monogamous relationship. Here are several essential concepts to understand and embrace:   Concept #1: The basic attitudes of Coupleship are: Mutual and Reciprocal Respect Mutual and Reciprocal Encouragement Mutual and Reciprocal Affirmation Ability to Offer an Apology Ability to Receive an Apology Learn and […]

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